Monday, July 15, 2013

Choosing the right color of window treatments & blinds

The Right Whites

Although it's no longer passé to wear white year round, it is unequivocally recognized as the color of summer—we wear it as opposed to darker colors because it makes us feel lighter and cooler during the warm weather months. The color white also brings to mind a sense of calmness and ease—the color is pure, classic and clean, and always in-style. It's no surprise that out of the thousands of color options for Hunter Douglas window fashions, white is the most popular choice.

What's interesting about white is that there is so much more than meets the eye when it comes to choosing this color. Some may think that white comes in two versions: a stark, crisp white or off-white. But in fact, a lot of whites possess undertones to them, which is the addition of a secondary color that transforms the white. A white with an undertone is still considered white, but it's not quite as stark and when done correctly, it can really complete the color palette in any room.

Interested in a white with an undertone for your home? Use my guide for selecting the right whites:
If your wall color is: Try:
Navy, lavender, gray, silver or maroon A slight blue undertone
Sage, green, gold or bronze A yellow undertone
Pink, fuchsia, red or burgundy A pink undertone
Orange, coral or salmon A peach undertone
Brown, beige, taupe A cream undertone
Black A cream or gray undertone

Virtually all our window fashions are offered in the color white, including all our Sheers, Shades, Honeycombs, Blinds and Shutters.

As always, I hope my suggestions help you as you shop for window fashions. As you browse, I also recommend you use some of these great Hunter Douglas online resources:

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