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Hardwood Flooring Spokane

Want to add warmth and beauty to any room in the house? You can with hardwood floors from Northwest Trends Flooring America. Nothing compares to the uniqueness, beauty and ease of cleaning of hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors make any room seem welcome and attractive.


What can we offer if you want hardwood flooring? Northwest Trends Flooring America offers a full selection of hardwood floors, with affordable prices in any design, style or color you want. With many hundreds of franchisees in network, we use our significant buying power to your advantage. See for yourself when you visit a nearby Northwest Trends Flooring America, to start the process of creating a whole new look in your home.

Hardwood Flooring: Perfect for Any Room in the House
Hardwood flooring's designs and qualities never go out of style and, better yet, never need updating, no matter what your choice of style. With an abundance of character and an elegant look for the most basic room in the house, you are destined to find what you are looking for.


From oak hardwood flooring to gleaming Brazilian cherry hardwood floors, solid or engineered hardwood floors, you can find any species of wood you want in styles that include:
  • Strip Flooring: Adds a traditional look while making the space seem larger. Strip flooring comes in strips that range from 1" to 2.5" and in thicknesses of 5/16" to 3/4".
  • Plank Flooring: With wider strips-from 3" to 8"-plank flooring is noted for its earthy appeal and complements a room d├ęcor with antiques or historical items.
  • Handscraped Flooring: Trending today, handscraped flooring offers an appealingly timeless feeling enhanced by the advanced urethane finishes popular today.
  • Wire Brushed Floors: As charming a style as any but with a quieter application of the look of distress and enhanced appeal with innovations in urethane finishes.
Hardwood Flooring Installation Available from Northwest Trends Flooring America
Hardwood floors from Northwest Trends Flooring America invite warmth and elegance with a natural feel into any room of your house, including the basement. Nothing compares to the ease of cleaning and the physical beauty of hardwood.

Hardwood Refinishing - Deciding to re-finish or get new flooring
Northwest Trends Flooring America also does hardwood sand & refinishing. First, decide whether the floor needs a total refinishing job:
  • If a drop of water beads or soaks in slowly, you may get by with a good cleaning and polishing.
  • If a drop of water soaks in immediately, the wood fibers may already be exposed and the floor needs refinishing.
  • If the floor is warped, deeply stained, squeaky or otherwise damaged, you'll need to make repairs first, then refinish.
If you choose to refinish, keep these things in mind:
  • Since the sanding process can remove a lot of surface, your floor needs to be at least 3/4" thick.
  • If your floor is thinner than 3/4", you may want hire a pro to avoid accidentally sanding down to the subfloor.
  • A tongue and groove floor cannot be sanded as many times as a plank floor.
  • Some newer floors are as thin as 1/4" and cannot be refinished.
  • If your hardwood floor is underneath another floor covering, the old floor has to be removed.
Please call today or click here to request your professional quote on hardwood refinishing.

In addition to our all-star team of sales professionals, we also offer hardwood flooring installation from experienced and trained professional installers. At Northwest Trends Flooring America, our flooring installation technicians can deliver and install any selection of flooring to complement any room in your home. Click here or call for a free in home estimate. 509-921-9677                    

Satisfaction Guaranteed from Northwest Trends Flooring America
The Northwest Trends Flooring America Assurance Guarantee means if you are not satisfied with your new floor, we replace it with another of equal or lesser value. We confirm that promise to you when you choose your quality product and enjoy the excellent service we provide. You simply can't go wrong when you opt for Northwest Trends Flooring America!                    

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