Monday, September 15, 2014

What interior design colors are hot & trendy for 2015?

What is trending for 2015? Well Sherwin Williams says Chrysalis is all the rage. This color pallet can get you started with your new wall colors. 

Sherwin Williams describes this color pallet as "Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, we’re poised for change. As modern life and technology rush at us, we seek an oasis where we can find balance, mindful living and tempo giusto (the “right time,” or the steady, regular beat of the heart).

We look to earth and sky for inspiration, finding raw beauty in striations and gently blurred hues and patterns. Artisans break the mold, creating objects that aren’t what they seem. Shapes are layered and deconstructed. In this moment, silence is the greatest luxury, and metamorphosis is the mother of invention."

If this doesn't fit your style needs then there are other trending pallets to choose from such as Voyage, which are more bold colors, or Buyont is inspired by bright florals, and Unrestrained is beautiful fun ethnic inspired colors. To see all the color pallets for 2015 click here.

SW-IMG - Color Collection Chrysalis hdr

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